STD  aka Sexually Transmitted Diseases, are infections that can be spread by various sexual activities. 

strange places stock photos ended up

19 Stock Photo Models Share the Strangest Places Their Images Ended Up

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Should've Worn Goggles

Guy has terrible picture after a stripper pees on his face.
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jimmy kimmel sex STD funny - 85637633

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals the States With the Most and Least STD Cases

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Who Doesn't Love a Good STD?!

excited STD - 6769670144


failbook facebook STD - 8798744320
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Trying to Pin Down Where You Got that STD

sports FAIL facepalm facebook STD wrestling - 8757126144
Created by KJorddyn

I Need to Get Myself Some Chlamydia Right Now!

sign STD STDs sti We Are Dating - 5155892992

Rough Rider

aids sex positions STD sti We Are Dating - 5439108864

The Cake Helps With the Sadness

congratulations, here's a cookie cake with your herpes
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how can a book have herpes?
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Thank Goodness All Your Facebook Friends Know You're Clean!

TMI STD Overshare sexy times - 8433692160
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DO NOT Sit on That Bench

eww STD funny bench - 8421159936
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Santa Stuffed Something Very Special into Your Stocking...

STD Overshare oh god why santa failbook - 8408747008
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This Is How You Get Herpes

wtf STD herpes funny dating - 8377895168
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Shame On You, Dude

wtf STD jerks herpes funny - 8365427456
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Keep Your Pokeballs Clean

Pokémon school poster STD funny dating - 8362309120
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