Vagina Necklaces Are a Thing and Due to High Demand They Just Broke an Etsy's Seller Shop

Well, dip me in dog shit, that happened. If you told me I was going to happen upon news of a damn online Etsy's shop not only selling 'vagina' necklaces, but that said shop would also break due to high demand...I'd call ya crazy and drunk and disillusioned, and maybe all the above. But here we are. In the trenches of sexually-inspired artistic innovation. Potential Valentine's Day gift idea? Who knows dawg, who knows. At least we know this jewelry lends a whole new meaning to 'pussy magnet.'

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Fail of The Day: Dynamic Duo Steals Jewelry From Art Gallery, Leaves Name And Number in Guest Book
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Stupid is not a strong enough word to describe these alleged jewelry thieves.

Police say a man and woman were arrested this weekend in Palm Springs after stealing a bracelet and ring from an art studio. And how were they caught?

They signed the guest book.

Megan Ohara, 24, and David Ziskoski, 19, were arrested for allegedly stealing the jewelry, which was valued at $6,000.

Here's how it went down, according to the Sun Sentinel:

When confronted, Ohara told police she had the items in her purse. She gave the officers the ring and bracelet, and subsequently, she and Ziskoski were arrested.

As officers arrived back to the gallery, the artist said he had noticed something in his gallery's guestbook. Someone had written multiple fake email entries into the guestbook, including "," according to the arrest report.

Two of the fake emails included the name "Meg" and one included Ohara's phone number next to it. Also on the page was a drawing of male genitalia and a woman's face labeled as "Meg."

Someone get these two a Darwin Award, stat!