'During the Salem trials, a farmer sued a snail': 10+ bizarre historical events that will 'always be funny'

'During the Salem trials, a farmer sued a snail': 10+ bizarre historical events that will 'always be funny'

It's easy to forget that history can be fun, especially if you are haunted by the memories of bad history classes in school, but there were some pretty bizarre historical events that continue to be hilarious today. Whether it's the Roman Empire, U.S. history in the 1970s, or the Salem Witch Trials, there were ridiculous people with ridiculous customs in every era. In fact, if there is one thing that unites all kinds of people across time, it's that people have always been and always will be str…
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25+ Goofballs who couldn't help but have fun with statues

25+ Goofballs who couldn't help but have fun with statues

Some people can't take anything seriously . We call these folks the kind you “can't take anywhere” — and honestly, they are usually really fun to be around. The folks below certainly had a blast playing around with statues. Most statues are there for a serious reason, highlighting a person who made great strides in their career field or added great value to the world through humanitarian efforts. They aren't just at museums. You can find statues all over the place , from parks to malls to libra…
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funny weird history moments

Wild Historical Moments That Are Too Bizarre To Seem Real

History. It's a lot.
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funny memes about history

History Memes For People Who Can't Let Go Of The Past

So like, everyone.
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Stories from history of times someone just did something themselves | pyrangarlit 35.0k points 1 day ago edited 1 day ago John Snow (not one father epidemiology No one believed him Cholera outbreak is now Soho because contaminated water pump. He broke They arrested him vandalism and held him until outbreak suddenly ended

"I'll Do It Myself" Moments in History

Takin' care of business.
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twitter history social media Historical - 8275717

Courageous Man Who Stood Up Against Evil Honored In Touching Twitter Thread

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I'll Even Show You My Penny-Farthing if You Ask, Girl

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These Emoticons from 1881 Might Have Started it All

retro emoticons Historical - 8130162432
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Retro Future of the Day: This Might be the World's First Photographed Selfie

photography Historical selfie failbook g rated - 8082242560
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That Hit Me Right in All Four of the Bodily Humors

teaching Aristotle tweet Historical failbook g rated - 8032185344

This Relationship is Sinking

retro Historical funny - 7879907584

The Manliest Man to Ever Exist: Hugh Glass

quotes manly BAMF Historical funny win - 7836971776

We've Been Checking that Booty Since Pre-History

dat ass Historical funny - 7704414720

How did You get Here, Trooper?

star wars stormtrooper Historical funny - 7683703296
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Not Everyone's Grandpa or Grandma Could be So Lucky

forever alone kissing Historical - 7440123904

These Wi-Fi Networks Are Primed for Disaster

wi-fi abraham lincoln Historical - 7104734208
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