If You Know What I Mean

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Just Get Me My Frozen Delicious Treat

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Created by Gunshanks ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Yeah, Let's Go With Steve

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Not the Same Thing at All

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Now This Gesture Actually Works!

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Siri-ously? I Obviously Meant Satan's Claws...

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Created by LS.IronWoman ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

It's Just a 90-Degree Turn

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This is Not What Apple Support is For

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Created by zmartin51

Magical Bag of Winds

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Created by LauraDZ

There's Not an App For That Yet?

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What's Wrong With Your Caps Lock?

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Cross My Heart and Swear to Goat

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Always Be Specific

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No, That's Not What I Meant

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Created by Rachel Mullins ( Via )

The Full Body Selfie, Because Your Outfit is Worth It

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Best Month of the Year

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