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Planets Forming Around a Star

Astronomy star birth science planet - 6941107968
Via Smithsonian Magazine

The Death of a Star

Death Astronomy star funny - 7667654656
Via Discovery

A Gorgeous Star

universe Astronomy star science - 7121544704
Via Bad Astronomy

Seeing a White Dwarf Explode!

star - 7284075776
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A Black Hole Swallows a Star

black hole funny science wtf star - 7952105984
By Unknown

One Hot Planet

wtf discovery star funny planet - 7879407360
By Unknown

Solar Puns

Astronomy star - 6834006528
By Kittyrocker (Via Place Username Here, Deviant Art)

That's Not Entirely True

true Astronomy star science g rated School of FAIL - 7062537728
By Unknown
Astronomy star science - 48834305

Coronal Mass Ejection Vs Earth

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Right Through the Solar Flare

solar flare Astronomy star sun science - 6938338560
By Unknown