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The Bat Caves of Kenya

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There are Pickels in Space? Oh, Wait

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Better Thanksgiving Through Chemistry

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Bug Sex!

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Warning: Angry School of Fish

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Via That Chic Akay

So That's Why My Hands Look Different

hands stars science funny - 7726899456
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experiment liquid science funny Video g rated School of FAIL - 59746561

Is it Freezing or Boiling?

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Why Don't We Just Dump Nuclear Waste at the Sun?

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Have We Moved From the Holocene to the Anthropocene?

earth geology science - 8351177216
Via The Guardian

AIDS Vaccine Appears to Completely Clear the Virus From Primates

medicine virus science primates vaccine aids g rated School of FAIL - 7795449088
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These Moms Are Going to Have to Be Smarter Than That

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Via Theunderfold
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A Simple Electric Train

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New Neptune Moon Discovered

moon science neptune funny - 7667734784
Created by Unknown

Oh Snap, Bill!

bill nye jerk science funny - 7546964992
Created by Unknown

I Think it's the First Reason

animals funny science weird - 8198434048
Via Bird and Moon

Tiny, Tiny Batteries

tiny science funny - 7592944384
Via Daily Mail
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