School of Fail


A Cheat Sheet for Not Cheating

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REPECT Yourself!

school poster spelling - 7176678144
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For The Children

good teacher candle melts into children poster
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Don't Let Your Child Fall Prey to This Menace

poetry is like drugs
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Best Music Academy Poster Ever

poster funny Music sign - 8344790784
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Wanted: Rematch

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The Ultimate College Dorm Poster!

art poster dorm college School of FAIL - 7360806144
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Well, What Is He?

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You Know She'd Be a Great Representative

poster funny puns - 8323367424
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The Leader You Need!

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Now I am The Best Reader

ten ways to become a better reader
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Swing and a Miss

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When You See It

hey ladies poster when you see it - 5850074112
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College Demonstrations Are Getting Too Real These Days

demonstration premature christmas decorating
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