School of Fail


school graduation stephen colbert funny Video - 71207681

Stephen Colbert Delivers a Funny Graduation Speech to Students

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The Common Core Is Confusing Core

common core math isn't working out like people hoped
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This Is What Wookies Drink!

beer star wars funny - 7720498688
By Unknown
elements periodic table funny Video - 68198145

The Elements Song

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funny Reggie Watts Music Video teacher - 58985217

Learn About Music

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science funny - 62925569

Science Loves Science...a Lot

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elements science Chemistry funny - 57765889

Behold the Elements

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Now That's a Monk

church science funny - 8438159872
By Aquinas1759

A Horrible Thing to Expect

burrito pregnant funny - 8387606016
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That Escalated Quickly

finals class exams funny math - 8411918336
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teenagers brain idiots funny weird - 59293185

The Teenangers Brain Is Weird

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depressing jobs students teachers funny - 60976129

Competing With Your Own Student for a Job

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Consider it Done

elements T.Shirt science funny School of FAIL - 7592183040
By Unknown

I Certainly Don't

yearbook trolling funny name - 8120638720
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Looks Like Your Test Likes You

scantron callin you bae
Via ShimSlady

Antarctica Is Huge

antarctica science funny fun facts - 7832432128
By Aeshel
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