School of Fail


Sharks Are Super Old

trees sharks science funny - 7809856000
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Maslow's Hierachy of Internetz

motivation psychology funny - 7754100736
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A Rather Viral Breakup Song

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College Is a Strange Time

wtf funny college g rated School of FAIL - 7847602688
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Poor Charles

charles darwin evolution book funny - 7871201024
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That's One Boring Test

Boring test put student to sleep
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Barbie Is a Paleontologist!

Paleontologist Barbie is awesome
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funny literature scary Video - 65633025

The Haunting of Poetry

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Welcome to College Life

life funny college - 7866072832
Created by LittleMissFaraway

Well That's an Odd Day at School

classic funny swearing - 8339309312
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We Live in a Terrible World

world one direction terrible funny - 6350252800
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Pop Music & Solar Panels

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fire science funny - 55414273

The Basics of Fire

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humans sci show science funny - 51256577

Chimps and Humans

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An Unpleasant Suprise

carl sagan depressing funny science Neil deGrasse Tyson stephen colbert - 8221394176
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Astronomers Get Asked Some Tough Questions

Astronomy difficult funny science - 8397363200
Via AKPhilly1
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