School of Fail


The Ladies Love Proper Grammar

grammar english sexy times ladies funny - 7454913024

Insperational Poetry

literature english haiku funny g rated School of FAIL - 7589377536
Created by datoneguy24
Music parody funny Video - 68622337

Your Body Is a Habitat

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The Math of Grammar

grammar math funny g rated School of FAIL - 7778528512

True Science Facts

funny Fun Fact science space - 8135258112
Via Unknown

Nope, Not Even Close

one side too many.
Via Poontapa219

Eye Sweat Is for Sadness

tears Fake Science funny crying - 8202487040
Via Fake Science

That Escalated Quickly

finals class exams funny math - 8411918336
Via Xmakeuhappy

"De-Batterying" Ceremony for the TI-84

calculator math funny - 7454185728
Created by NamingMeSaturday

Maybe You Should Go Back

spelling funny college - 7519547648
Created by Unknown

You Have My Crossbow

elementary school funny - 7554979584
Created by hotsoursweet101

Adam Sandler Had a Tough Time Spelling His Name as a Kid

kids yearbook funny - 8387058944
Via teeejaaaaaay
scishow science funny Video - 61389313

LeVar Burton Teaches Us About Double Rainbows

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Scientists Are Self Destructive

bad idea funny science - 8153869568

Definitely Doesn't Need School

middle school idiots spelling funny - 8384855040
Via I See You 82

Sex Ed Is Getting Ridiculous

dinosaurs went extinct because they had sex
Via Bryan Sheckler
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