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Tonight's Homework: Watch Dexter, Take Notes

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Cells Are Super Chatty

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Your Mom Loves to Graze

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The Living Rock Is Very Strange

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Fish Sex Can Wake a Whole Town

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A Biology Question About Butts

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Things I Learned From ER, Not Biology

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Those Hand Dryers Are the Worst

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One Fly Uterus

sup dawg, I take in semen and gestate babies
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Lab Grown Wangs Ready for Human Testing

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Motor Protein Doesn't Drink Your Haterade

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I Know I Am!

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Physicists Are Good at Labeling Birds

physicists don't know all the parts of birds
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The Brazillian Tree Hopper

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One Inbred Albino Gorilla

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The Mating Habits of Turkeys

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