School of Fail


Hello, This Is Electron

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Where in the School Yard?

puns science Chemistry g rated - 7829964288
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Tetris Tetris!

tetris periodic table Chemistry - 6694768640
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Jim Really Is Brilliant

textbook facebook Chemistry funny - 7447686144
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Chemistry chemistry 200 class is in session liquid nitrogen science Video - 42215425

Chemistry 200: Fun With Liquid Nitrogen!

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The Element of Christmas

christmas awesome periodic table Chemistry funny - 8391144192
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Each and Every Element

all the things science Chemistry - 7128656896
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Maxin' Relaxin'

hydrogen Chemistry math - 7056036096
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Nacho Chemistry

Chemistry nachos science - 6550611200
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bacon Chemistry delicious science Video g rated - 61309185

Why Does Bacon Smell So Good?

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The Chemistry of Emotions

brain Chemistry emotions - 6899443200
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Chemists Analyze Beer From 170 Years Ago

old beer is rather similar to modern beer
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Pretty Sure That's Not Caffeine, Any Chemists Want to Speak Up?

t shirts science Chemistry funny - 8413771264
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Someone Just Found the Real-Life Severus Snape

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explosion school science Chemistry Video - 71168001

Video of the Coolest Chemistry Class Ever

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Laughing Gas, But Not Really

helium Chemistry - 6976803584
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