Poorly Dressed


That's One Hot Pocket

poorly dressed shirt pizza pocket - 8356161536
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You Wear What You Eat

onesie poorly dressed pizza - 8356884992
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The Only Time Looking at Your Shoes should Make You Hungry

poorly dressed pizza sneakers g rated - 8288021248
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What More Could You Possibly Want on a Hat?

hot dog donuts poorly dressed pizza Cats hat bacon - 8147459328
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You + Pizza = OTP Necklace

fashion necklaces Jewelry pizza - 7921456896
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Need a Break From Thanksgiving Leftovers?

hot dog poorly dressed pizza sweatshirt fries fast food - 8386944768
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Your Hair Looks Simply Scrumptious

hair poorly dressed pizza soccer - 8166896896
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Pizza and Nail Polish, Together at Last

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For When the Only Swift You Want, is Describing Delivery Speed

taylor swift pizza shirt - 7802536960
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Because You've Secretly Always Wanted to Look Like a Giant Pizza

onesie poorly dressed pizza g rated - 8233048064
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I'd Like to Get A Piece of That!

au naturale pizza - 6582611712
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Always Coordinate With Your Meal

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This Outfit Will Make Me Popular, Right?

sunglasses poorly dressed pizza t shirts matching hat backpack g rated - 8289118464
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A Delicious-Looking Outfit

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Might Want to Dab That With Some Napkins First

fashion food pizza shirt what - 6157675520
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Came in Like 'Murica

clothes miley cyrus shirts pizza murica poorly dressed - 7962119936
Created by Unknown
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