Poorly Dressed

high heels

Love is Not Selfish

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Whole Lotta Country Going On With Them There Shoes

hooves high heels - 6749102592
Created by Unknown

Last Train to Fashion Sense

cross dressing high heels - 6661580800
Created by Yoav Shany (credit for the picture goes to Yanet Alfonso)

Yomama Bin Shoppin

cross dressing turban high heels - 7020350208
Via 1Tnt

If You Can Run in Them, More Power to You

gym shoes nike high heels poorly dressed sneakers g rated - 8169509632
Via a885

Man, That Woman Has Really Hairy Legs

hairy legs high heels - 6769747200
Created by Unknown

Are Those Street Legal?

wtf spikes high heels - 7376526848
Created by Unknown

Now THAT'S What I Call Art

art high heels - 6792353280
Created by Unknown

I Didn't Fight in Nam to Hear Punks Like You Laugh at My Shoes

cross dressing high heels - 6550281472
Created by Unknown

Beep Boop Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

r2d2 star wars high heels poorly dressed g rated - 7166159872
Via When Geeks Wed

Running in Heels? Just Do It

shoes fashion nike high heels g rated poorly dressed - 7887175936
Created by Unknown

She's a Maneater

alien high heels - 6878742016
Created by Unknown


eww high heels legs - 4068988416
Created by insectpins

Only Those With Great Dental Can Afford These

shoes fashion wtf teeth high heels - 8015553024
Created by Unknown

If Looks Could Kill

guns shoes high heels - 7135445760
Created by Unknown

Mam, Do You Have a License to Wear Those Heels?

backwards high heels - 6578575872
Created by Unknown