Poorly Dressed

duct tape


couple dress duct tape prom tuxedo - 4014925824
By Unknown

Everyone Needs a Little Duct Tape Sometimes

duct tape cross poorly dressed - 8198637056
Via Kalakata

Well Played, Sir

mirror poorly dressed sweater ugly sweater duct tape g rated - 8413743616
Via hedgehog15

They Heard Tall Shoes Make Your Legs Look Longer

duct tape poorly dressed - 8198663168
Via imposetonanonymat

Wipe That Creepy Look Off Your Face

boxers duct tape eww wtf - 4240037376
By Unknown

Nice Day For A Duck Tape Wedding

dress duct tape prom suit tie wedding - 4395025664
By cyanidemartini

DI-Why Did You Do That With Duct Tape?

shoes fashion DIY high heels duct tape poorly dressed g rated - 7857884416
By Unknown

No Arigato, Mrs. Roboto

duct tape funny - 7562236928
By Unknown

The Best Duct Tape Suit I've Seen

duct tape Party suit - 4319268352
By Kingy

Duck Tape WIN: Prom Edition

prom duct tape win funny - 7443875840
Via Duck Brand

Duct Tape Prom Night

duct tape homemade clothes prom - 7235750656
By HeavyMetalGuy (Via ABC NEWS)

It Seems Like A Good Idea Now, But Wait Till You Have To Remove The Tape

costume duct tape g rated Hall of Fame poorly dressed tape - 5935634944
By Unknown

Teenage Mutant Ninja Terribles

cosplay TMNT duct tape poorly dressed g rated - 7383118336
By Unknown

Dressed to Win: Arting Up Prom

art duct tape prom - 4921827072
Via Oddee

Duct Tape Doesn't Actually Fix Everything

costume poorly dressed duct tape cardboard g rated - 8120563968
Via Google


bubbles duct tape Party superhero - 4043257856
By OhKuri
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