Poorly Dressed

duck face

Dear Duck Facers, Love Abe

abraham lincoln duck face poorly dressed g rated - 7751859712
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The Duck Face NEVER Looks Good

duck face duck lips kim kardashian lame - 5868995584
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That's Pretty Much How I Look Right Now

duck face gpoy tan - 5818262016
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Did My Own Eyebrows. Nailed It!

duck face eyebrow weird wtf - 4401751296
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Quack Quack!

car duck duck face girl heels - 4458279936
Created by cyanidemartini

A Short History Lesson

duck face duckface beauty - 7685192704
Created by Nyaaa

The Best Duckface Yet

duck face ducks hoodie - 6591880960
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No. I'm Not Going to Take That Money. Use Your Hands.

dollar bills duck face fake tan - 5818266368
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