Poorly Dressed


Ugh, That Backpack Doesn't Even Match!

color colors jacket neon patterns - 5916606976
Created by Matt Garcia

Baby's Ready to Hit the Rave

colors crazy pacifier rave - 6137871104
Created by butterflyperception

Now What Do We Have Here?

badonk colors neon pants what - 6321187584
Via No Way Girl

There Is... A Lot Happening Here

colors hats makeup wait what - 5847067392
Created by insectpins


big hair colors - 3363819520
Created by Unknown

I Suspect It's Magic Eye But I'm Too Scared to Get Closer

colors matching pattern street - 5269850368
Created by Unknown

It's Probably Better Your Parents Aren't This Cool

70s colors dress patterns T.Shirt - 4805908992
Created by Unknown

The Rainbow Chroma-Mage Does Not Approve Of Your "Public Transit"

bus colors crazy hippy wizard - 6238169344
Created by Unknown

Like A Tropical Postcard Exploded All Over Them

colors fruit - 5843800832
Created by liisas

Princess Epilepsy

colors dress face paint neon tutu - 5268916992
Created by LdM

ROY G. BIV's Tights?

best of week colors Hall of Fame leggings pretty colors tights - 6411695616
Via Joanne Casey

He's Got the Crazy Eye

colors funny - 7592624640
Created by Unknown

So it's Not the Same Color?

colors poorly dressed g rated - 7257144320
Created by Unknown

If I Wasn't Colorblind Before, I Am Now

colors loud shirt street - 5223971584
Via thosemeddlingkidsblog.tumblr.com

Ahead of His Shoe Game

shoes colors - 7719763712
Via The Meta Picture

Mmm Paisley

colors paisley - 5806075136
Created by WDFF5
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