Poorly Dressed


Not So Good in the Rain

shoes poorly dressed cardboard - 8139520256
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DIY Flip-Flops

cardboard DIY flip flops slippers - 4487883776
Created by Unknown

They Get the Job Done

cardboard poorly dressed slippers tape - 8330493440
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Duct Tape Doesn't Actually Fix Everything

costume poorly dressed duct tape cardboard g rated - 8120563968
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Canadian Tuxedo

beer cardboard suit tuxedo weird - 4626502144
Created by Unknown

This Isn't My Raincoat!

bike box cardboard rain - 6200129792
Created by teriana


box cardboard coat model - 4065662720
Created by Unknown

Virginity Saved!

cardboard sword zelda - 5917592832
Created by Unknown

Conan the Sort of Barbarian

armor cardboard conan muscles sword tin foil - 4320705280
Created by cirrat

How Do You Sit Down in That?

homemade clothes dress cardboard - 7104538880
Created by Unknown

She is Totally Unfazed By Your Ensemble

poorly dressed duct tape cardboard - 8125917184
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