Poorly Dressed


Bootsy Collie

boots dogs - 6901025024
Created by Unknown

Silly Dog, Boots Don't Go on Arms

boots dogs - 7726082304
Created by Unknown

Dad, Please Stop

bar boots dad heels high heels - 6185033472
Created by Unknown

I Hope It's Not The New Forest Ranger Uniform

boots geriatric latex leather military revealing - 4689530112
Created by Snake73

Cowboys and Short Shorts

boots cowboy hat scarf short shorts sweater vest - 4321715968
Created by Cyberkedi

Juggalette Me Hit That

boots cross dresser juggalo make up - 4414304768

My Boots Are Pointier Than Yours!

Via Izismile

Do You Like My Boots?

boots pink scary shorts weird wtf - 4326116352
Created by elorco

The Ol' Boots-N-Bulge

boots high heels bulge - 6983613184
Created by Unknown

She Needs a Hat

Via Izismile


boots cowboy cutoffs eww - 4155518976
Created by Unknown

He's From The Future...

belt buckle boots camouflage future glasses sexy shirt - 4325426944
Created by Unknown

That Hardly Seems Practical

animal print boots poorly dressed - 8343757312
Via Izismile

It's That Time of Year Again

shoes boots poorly dressed g rated - 7899147008
Created by grizzlygreeneyes ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Our Old Friend Vermin Supreme

poorly dressed boots - 8142526720
Via RussDub

It Begins

boots Han Solo leggings poorly dressed vest g rated - 8356901376
Via stackola