Poorly Dressed

Strange Combination

poorly dressed michael jackson chihuahua - 8166843904
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Artoo Grew Some Legs, But Now He Needs Some Pants

costume pants r2d2 star wars - 5788733184
By _AfterDarkness_

What Athletes Endorse This Brand?

poorly dressed nike knockoff hat g rated - 8372092672
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Coincidence, or Conspiracy?

nike shirts - 7148228864
By Unknown

Pssh... I Know Australia When I See It

africa asia engrish T.Shirt - 6551907072
By Unknown

An International Phenomenon

language Japan t shirts poorly dressed words - 8361027328
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What Would Jesus Wear?

haters jesus t shirts poorly dressed - 8376036352
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poorly dressed he man t shirts g rated - 8063270144
By Unknown

Gaga Watch: Plagiarism on Wheels

lady gaga mermaid - 4984158976
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Class of 2010: Most Likely To Have Their Picture Burned

bewbs oh god why prom school photo teeth what - 6230484224
By Unknown

Countryside Batman

bat batman pants - 5912402432
By Unknown

Spongebob Scarepants

costume SpongeBob SquarePants - 7438153216
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They Got A Good Deal On The Bolt Of Fabric

fabric matching prom prom dress - 6019762944
By Unknown

What a Lovely Oyster Shell Design

dress vagina - 4888815872
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Gingers Can Try, But They'll Never Quite Be Tom Selleck

ginger leather moustache red - 5125876992
By Unknown

Now You CDs, Now You Don't

hidden - 6628493824
By Unknown