Parenting Fails


"My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born today, so I took one."

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Never Swipe Right on Family

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And This is How You Take a Selfie!

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She Really Takes After You

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When a Facepalm is Insufficient, There's Always the Headwall

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He Learned it By Watching You!

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Like Father Like Bro

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This Mom's Story About Running Into a Wild Pack of Teenagers in TJ Max Will Cause You to Lose Faith in Humanity

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Never Too Young For a Selfie

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I'm Sure You Can Just Crop the Dogpile Out

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Disapproving Baby Does Not Approve of Your Selfie

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Already Mastered the Art of the Selfie

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Taking a Selfie-a-day Shows How Drastic You Change Through Your Teens

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This Kid Knows How We All Feel About Duck Lip Selfies

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Lil' Sib Photobomb

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Baby's First Selfie

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