Well, Don't Expect to Get the Baby Back

baby dawww dogs friends Parenting Fail pet portrait - 5447964160
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Gotta Look Fresh for the Pound

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They've Nailed the "Peaceful Protest" Thing

leash Parenting Fail pet Protest tantrum toddler - 5411908608
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As Long as You Can Tie Him up, You Can Keep Him

backyard pet - 6099380480
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You Can't Even Put a Harness on Him!

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crazy things parents say inappropriate name Parenting Fail pet relatives - 59126531

demonstar's Cousin has a Knack for This Sort of Thing

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cat crazy things parents say drugs mom pet wait what - 58130179

Marcy's Mom Doesn't Even Own a Cat

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Show them the Meaning of Haste!

dogs Parenting Fail parenting WIN pet pug ride - 5277578496
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Like Children, Like Dogs

comic dad pet shopping - 6202713344
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Round and Round We Go

attack cat dogs g rated Parenting FAILS pet spinning - 6044099072
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crazy things parents say dogs food Parenting Fail pet say what - 59085571

Demonstar's Mom is Making Mystery Meat Gumbo

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The Savior of the Leashed Ones Has Arrived

child Hall of Fame leash Parenting Fail pet protective safety toddler - 5654963712
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