Harry Potter

Baby Potter

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Always Watch Your Kids

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Don't Try to Out-Hipster Your Parents, Kid

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Accio Woody!

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Magical Parenting

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Ok But When Will He Name One After His OTP Ship Name?

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School of Fail: Preschool Was Tough For Wizards

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Some Kids Are Evil Geniuses

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Sock it to Me

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Your Mother's Constant Nagging Was for Your Benefit

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Apply Cold Water to That Boo Boo

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Might Have A Tough Time Meeting With His Parents

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Good Gal Granger

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LL's Mom Knows that's the Most Popular Character

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The Real Hogwarts

Hall of Fame Harry Potter Hogwarts school yearbook - 6175894016
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Want JK Rowling to Acknowledge You on Twitter? Just Have a Baby!

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