Elmo Says "SOON"

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By Unknown

She'll Work for Plastic Knives and Terrible Slop Food

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By Unknown

Don't Look up the Story Behind "Ring Around the Rosie"

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By Unknown

America's Got Pedobear

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By Unknown

I Called it Justice

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By Unknown

A Child's Smile

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Via Pleated Jeans

Want to Know How Your Child is Feeling? Just Ask The Xbox One.

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By Unknown

Toddlers and Tiaras Tuesdays! Laugh, Cry, Recoil, These Are Appropriate Reactions.

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Via I Hate My Parents

You'll Just Be Hungry Again an Hour Later

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By Jessy

Scary Clown Says Do Your Chores

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By RyannC (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Don't Mind If I Diddly-Do

Via thesourpusslives

No Black Friday Deal Could Convince Me to Buy That

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By Unknown

The Magical Changing Appendage

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Via Reddit
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Teletubbies Not Creepy Enough for You? This Video Should Help

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astronaut crazy things parents say creepy morbid mother true facts - 59132675

Bugbug88's Mom Is Bleakly Optimistic About All of This

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The Giraffe Knows He's Next

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