Sometimes You Can Judge a Book By Its Cover

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Everyone Loves Ice Cream

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Thanks For the Book, Son...

Child - My Dad THINKS He's Funny atrina Germein ustrated by Tom Jellett
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Teens R Dum

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Some Light Reading During Pregnancy

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Luckily There's a Cure for That

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Which is Always

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This Guy Printed Out Covers for Fake Self-Help Books and Put Them All Over His Local Bookstore

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Well, That Escalated Quickly

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The Cover Says

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Calm Down, This is the Children's Section!

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Parenting hacks by physics professor  Robert A.McNees on how to get your kids to love reading

Ways Parents Tricked Their Young Children Into Loving Reading

Reverse psychology at its best
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An Adorable Book-Loving 12 Year-Old Made an Awesome Stop-Motion Trailer For Her Favorite Series

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A New Book for Exasperated Parents

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Everybody Pees

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Believe It or Not, There's a New Dr. Seuss Book Coming Out in July

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