A funny Tumblr thread about how humans are actually terrible at reading flirty signals.

Humans Fail Miserably At Identifying Flirting

The struggle is real.
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awesome language foreign language celeb Video viggo mortensen - 107458817

Viggo Mortensen Cooly Speaking Seven Languages

What a stud.
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A collection of tips about how to navigate life that could be helpful.

Important Tips To Help Get A Leg Up On Life

These might come in handy.
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humor ridiculous celeb pranks funny Video viggo mortensen - 107458561

Karl Urban's Infamous Prank On Viggo Mortensen

The commitment is heroic.
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Real jump scares that happen to people in everyday life.

Real Jump Scares That Happen In Everyday Life

Painfully relatable.
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Woman expects five free hours of parking, gets rejected, and then calls the police.

Woman Expects Five Free Hours Of Parking, Gets Rejected, Calls The Police

The nerve on this one.
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An ex-boyfriend takes advantage of the lease, so he proceeds to get reported to the landlord.

Ex-Boyfriend Takes Advantage Of Lease, Proceeds To Get Reported To Landlord

Serves the dude right.
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People share their hot takes on various crimes against food.

People's Hot Takes On Crimes Against Food

So, so wrong.
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insane wtf FAIL indoors fire fireworks wedding stupid - 107458305

Indoor Fireworks Prove To Be A Bad Idea Once Again

Cool it with the fireworks inside.
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humor school cringe Awkward ridiculous funny Video - 107457793

Inflatable Pretzel Gets Solemnly Removed From Ceiling

A sad day for pretzels everywhere.
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cool awesome ridiculous DIY Video win - 107457537

Simone Giertz Builds Mechanical Dining Room Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Impressive stuff.
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customer service FAIL cringe Awkward ridiculous Video tiktok - 2742534

McDonald's Worker Pours Sweet And Sour Sauce In Caramel Frappé

So supremely uncool.
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Woman gets mad that roommate cooks meat in their shared dorm room, and roommate feels bad.

Vegetarian Gets Mad That Roommate Cooks Meat In Dorm Room, Roommate Feels Bad

Eh, live your life.
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entitled people and their ridiculous demands

Entitled People Who Had The Sheer Audacity

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funny twitter jokes

Funny Tweets To Bring The Thunder To A Cloudy Day

Let loose the floodgates of the mind!
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The NYC subway bans dogs, so people step up with genius innovations.

NYC Bans Dogs In Subways, People Step Up With Ingenious Innovations

Seriously, brilliant work all around.
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