50 cent

Gotcha, You Elusive Bastard!

50 cent facebook hip hop rap - 6494548224
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If Aziz Ansari Were Most Rappers

50 cent album covers aziz ansari g rated hip hop lil wayne Music FAILS nicki minaj rap - 6489311488
Via Emceez Ansari

Math Is Hard

50 cent concert facebook joke nickelback - 5858845952
Created by Elle

Money Can't Buy Good Grammar

Music twitter FAIL 50 cent funny g rated - 7631910400
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Ain't That a Pity, Fitty?

twitter grandma 50 cent - 6813022976
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Seriously iTunes?

50 cent eminem FAIL iTunes - 7891265792
Created by semiruralyeti
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Phonte Compares Rappers to TV Shows Flawlessly

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50 cent mashup television TV Video - 34137857

Saturday Morning Mashup: 50 the Tank Engine

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Cash Hearts Everything Around Me

50 cent hip hop rap twitter - 6450947072
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Exchange Rate, Yo

50 cent - 6761029888
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Kevin Rudd in dis Club

twitter 50 cent - 6999899392
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Missed Opportunity

twitter 50 cent - 6880920064
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The day I Stopped Hating on 50 Cent

50 cent hip hop rap sunglasses - 6372714496
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Only 19th Century Kids Will Remember This

50 cent black sabbath history justin bieber mozart Ozzy Osbourne - 6411164928
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50 Cent is Da Coolest

50 cent - 6818566912
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covers banjo music video 50 cent Music FAILS - 46457345

This Cover of "In Da Club" Puts 50 Cent's Version to Shame

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