Let It Rock

let it be the Beatles - 6075605248
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Pssh... That Never Stopped Stevie Ray Vaughan

guitar fingers - 6956309760
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These Eel Jokes Are Just Morrison of the Same

jim morrison meme the doors - 5849206272
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So This is What Passes for "Music" These Days? Interesting...

lyrics skrillex - 6559788032
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We Can't Stop Milking Miley for Some Extra Bucks

pun Starbucks miley cyrus - 7765983744
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Reframed: Drum Sticks?

Music drummers funny lamb of god justin bieber - 7613130240
By torch45

Michelle Obama's One-Woman, 3-Piece Band

drums rave skrillex violin - 5939190528
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skrillex dubstep bass police Music FAILS g rated - 6924960768
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Eerily Similar

flea - 7887133440
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the fox spoof ylvis - 55930625

What Does The Farmer Say?

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music video high school - 47021569

High School Freestyle Posse

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Metal Concert Bingo

concerts heavy metal - 7123031808
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Motörhead sound of music - 6532337408
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Being Brutal Doesn't Mean You Can't Be a Gentleman

mosh pits concerts Music FAILS - 7243939584
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Brvtal Koala

animals death metal metal - 6331725056
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adele mashup parody Pokémon rolling in the deep Video - 40340737

"Rolling in the Deep" Should Be the New Pokemon Theme Song

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