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We Now Pronounce You Husband, Wife, and Disaster

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An entitled bridezilla ends up cancelling her wedding and keeping $30K gifts for herself | Bride Hi invitées wedding! After much reflection and tear filled conversation with our closest family members have decided cancel our upcoming winter wedding will further notify this group are better place reschedule thank each and every one generous early donations our money fund. Can believe have raised over $30,000 Unbelievable! Don't worry money donated will not be spent vain but rather used towards

Bridezilla Cancels Wedding, Keeps $30K Of Gifts For Herself

Get out of here with that.
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This Parakeet Has Lost All it's Manners

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I Support You Not Supporting Me Supporting Them, But Also Now You're Supporting Them

funny facebook fails photography supports all love while customer inadvertently makes donation to support them as well
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Bullseye FAIL

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Navigating Love is Hard, See?

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This is Why You Hire the Professionals at Your Wedding

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Groomsman FAIL

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Live Animals and Wedding Photography: A Recipe for Disaster

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Sister-in-law makes the bride cry, so she gets booted from the wedding | AITA Kicking My Sister--law Out My Wedding? So my now sister--law has been pain my now wifes' ass very long time. She is always trying one up" her every way possible have also heard lot stories where she has done some pretty messed up stuff my wife, including skinny dipping with her ex while my wife and him were still together, Lying and saying liked her first highschool) which is completely untrue just break us up, and

Sister-In-Law Makes Bride Cry, Gets Booted From Wedding

She had to go.
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First Dance FAIL

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You Can't Stop True Love

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Who's Your Daddy

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Tastes Great, Less Waiting

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I Do... Find These Wedding FAILs Enjoyable

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