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I Always Loved Camp

accidental sexy best of week Hall of Fame sexy times shopping store - 6508002816
Created by Unknown

Inappropriate Fruit Use FAIL

accidental sexy banana best of week Hall of Fame no thanks sign store - 6593004544
Created by Unknown

What Are You Trying to say, Old Navy?

whoops store fail nation - 8420423680
Via iChasedragons

Naming Your Business Might Be a Bit Too Ominous

sign FAIL business name store - 8533615616
Created by SteveE59

Stimulating Store WIN

innuendo accidental sexy sexy times name store fail nation - 6727759360
Created by Unknown

Knowing Your Fruits FAIL

bananas fruit sign store - 6218163200
Via No Way Girl

Standing FAIL

escalator Hall of Fame store table - 6214288384
Created by Unknown

The Store for Your Inner Schizophrenic

guns sign what funny weird store fail nation g rated - 7646465280
Created by Unknown

In Our Tongue We Call These "Bananas"

sign bananas fruit store - 7086435584
Created by Unknown

Fool-Proof FAIL

pregnancy store - 6758300160
Created by powersj9
goats Video store - 84027649

Christmas Shopping Is Harder for Goats Because People Rarely Let Them Into the Store

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Skype FAIL

misspelling store window - 6378817280
Created by Unknown

The Booty of the Beast, Now for Sale!

Via I Heart Chaos

Neighbors FAIL

sign neighbors irony business store - 6838363648
Created by Unknown

Walmart Packaging FAIL

knock off packaging chess store - 6736445952
Created by Tom L

Here's Hoping that Old Spice Fans Hate Math!

genius discount store math - 7080721408
Created by Unknown
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