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Start shredding with that skateboard, you wouldn't want to be a lamo. If you ever tried to ollie and fell spectacularly, these boarding memes and jokes are just for you.

crash double fail skateboard Video - 36581121

Double Longboard FAIL

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Look Both Ways Before You Jump

ouch FAIL jump gifs skateboard - 6980924928
By Iron-man01

Double FAIL

gifs skateboard FAIL ouch - 6636958208
By ToolBee

Every Possible FAIL

fail nation falling gifs ouch skateboard - 5582534912
By Unknown

It Was Almost Not a FAIL!

ouch gif skateboard skating - 7387851264
By Unknown

Billboard FAIL

billboard cat sign skateboard - 6272881408
By Unknown

Prepare for Pain FAIL

railing skateboard stairs - 6515959808
By Unknown

Just Desserts FAIL

basketball gifs hit in face skateboard - 6257740800
By Unknown

Trying to Make a Broken Hip Cool

crash skateboard truck Video - 38540545

Skateboarding Into Oncoming Traffic FAIL

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Grind To Flip FAIL

flip gifs ouch skateboard - 5541860864
By Rory15619

Skateboard FAIL

fall gifs skateboard - 6355654144
By Unknown

Unexpected FAIL

bus gifs skateboard - 6396776448
By Unknown
ouch beer whoops skateboard funny Video - 53554945

Beer Delivery FAIL

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