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What a Subtle Way to Get a Big Ol' Pickle On Some Thirsty Lips

packaging FAIL product placement - 8814563584
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Tell Her How You Really Feel

books juxtaposition placement pregnant reading is sexy - 5737460224
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Lord Grant Me Chastity, But Not Yet...

placement funny pope francis - 7522487808
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Ad Placement FAIL

advertisement whoops accidental sexy placement - 6941291520
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Look What I Found FAIL

bike crash irony whoops placement - 6636312064
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Poster Placement FAIL

poster placement fail nation - 6962228736
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Not the Advertised Flavour FAIL

display food placement Popcorn signs - 5555151104
Created by Caileigh H.

Way to Make Every Fill-Up a Creepy Experience

accidental gross cars placement - 8205078784
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Product Placement Fail

Ad FAIL energy drink placement product yikes - 8811047168
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