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Hey wanna join the Pen-15 club? Now that we've got that schoolyard shenanigans (penis) out of the way, if you're looking to laugh at everything and anything phallic or having to do with it, don't go anywhere.

animals facebook p33n parenting vacation Video monkey penis safari - 163847

That Moment When Your Family Vacation is Going to Include a Talk About the Birds & the Bees

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What a Party This is Shaping Up To Be

amazon FAIL penis dildont Things That Are Doing It - 8582949632
Created by SammyBoy137
wtf crotch wrestling Video penis - 78657281

If You Didn't Think Wrestling Was Homoerotic Already, Watch 11 Wrestlers Do a Synchronized Crotch-Flip

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It Wouldn't Be Surprising if the Average Age of This Town in Sweden is 13

funny fail image sweden has a snow penis problem
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So These Are the Kind of Sausages You Should or Shouldn't Bite?

packaging FAIL food penis - 8814536192
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If You're Having D*ck Problems With Your Pants, Definitely Ask The Internet

funny fail image guy learns he's been putting his penis in his pants wrong his whole life
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Being an Adult Means You Can Buy a Big Ol' Sweet Potato Just Because It Looks Like a Dong

funny fail image woman buys sweet potato that looks like a penis to sell it for charity
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news FAIL weather live tv Maps Video penis - 109063

Watch as a Specifically-Shaped Weather Maps Turns This News Crew Into 6th Graders

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Gonna Be Hard to Celebrate

funny fail image fake birthday name on the news
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news FAIL live tv Video penis - 78104833

Just a Slip of the Tongue and You'll Know What's on This Reporter's Mind

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Unfortunately He's Only Packing Like a Greek God

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One Dad's Emojional Valentine Snap is Also Something His Kid Can Never Un-See

funny fail image dad shares valentine's day dick pick snap with his kid by accident
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Having Drug Test Problems?

prosthetic penises fake urine drug test
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homosexual sexual Video penis - 77224449

OMG These Lesbians Are Going to Touch a Penis For The First Time

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news FAIL p33n Video penis - 80481537

A Low-Hanging Cloud Has These News Anchors Giggle Like School Girls

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The Yelp Reviews Must Be So Uplifting

sign FAIL business name penis - 8582682880
Created by pyricix
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