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The Man in This Photo is Supposedly 84 Years Old. Let's See if He Can Make it to 85.

ladder bad idea dangerous - 8176081664
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This Ladder Isn't Going to Last

ladder cars driving dangerous - 7246333952
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OSHA is Not Going to be Happy With This One

ladder bad idea accident waiting to happen dangerous - 8194706688
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The Power is Off, You're Fine!

ladder dangerous - 8147658496
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Safety Last!

street ladder FAIL cars safety - 8817377280
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Never. Look. Down.

ladder gifs heights dangerous fail nation g rated - 8426976000
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Not Surprising FAIL

fall gifs ladder workout - 5912183552
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Remember to Avoid the Easy Way Out

ladder facepalm genius funny - 7466946304
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Hardwood Floor Faceplant

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Still Counts for the HOV Lane!

ladder cars special delivery dangerous - 8149497600
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Enjoy Your House's New Permanent Accessory!

genius ladder repairs - 7962352896
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Whatever Gets the Job Done, Right?

dangerous ladder safety first - 8054118400
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Something Here isn't Up to Union Standards

facepalm dangerous ladder painting - 7938343936
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Moving FAIL

couch ladder moving - 6472200448
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Now the Ladder Comes With the Home

ladder whoops - 7980596992
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Work Safety FAIL

repairs ladder genius safety - 6941597440
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