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gas station

You Got a Little Something on You

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Filling the Tank FAIL

fire gas station pump - 6473341184
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kick ninja FAIL gas station cars win - 77499649

If You're Going to Steal a Car From a Gas Station, Watch Out For a Flying-Kick

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You Usually Have to Pay Extra at the Pump for That

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10-4, Chief, We're Fueled Up and Ready to Go!

whoops gas station cars police - 8385598208
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cringe gas station cars Video - 67587841

This Driver Cannot for the Life of Them Find Their Gas Cap

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Gas Station FAIL

obama gas gas station politics weird what best of week Hall of Fame - 6653186048
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Cigarettes at a Gas Station is NEVER a Good Idea

gif gas station fire funny - 7886193664
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Give Me 20 CC's of "Work," STAT!

sign gas station spelling - 6902018304
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