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Take That, Subtlety!

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You Had One Job, Belt

FAIL fashion clothes - 6897791744
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Just Toss Some Dictionary Pages on That Shirt, That'll Do

fashion engrish shirt g rated - 6897647616
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Store Display FAIL

fashion accidental sexy store display store - 6994950400
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fashion twitter list internet pants argument - 705797

According to This Simple Hypothetical Canine-Fashion Question There are Only Two Kinds of People, Which Are You?

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christmas fashion money - 1253381

The World's Most Expensive Ugly Sweater is Here, and the Ugliest Thing About Its the $30,000 Price Tag

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The Handcuffs Really Complete the Look

funny fail image thief caught wearing ironic shirt
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If You're Having D*ck Problems With Your Pants, Definitely Ask The Internet

funny fail image guy learns he's been putting his penis in his pants wrong his whole life
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Excusing Your Tardiness Because You're on Island Time Still is Just the Finishing Touch

Excusing Your Tardiness Because You're on Island Time Still is Just the Finishing Touch
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Manly Fashion FAIL

advertisement business fashion lady bits sign - 6619268352
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fashion news FAIL rant Video - 75389697

Only Fox Would Invite Only Men to Discuss Women's Legging Fashion Trend

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Can't Tell if Amazing or Horrible

sandals cowboy boots combined
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Fashion Standards are Ridiculous These days

fashion mannequin model funny - 7670871808
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Accidentally Dressing Like a Popsicle is Not as Cool as it is Punny

funny fail image woman accidentally dresses exactly like popsicle
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Mario and Luigi Got Way Harder in Recent Years

fashion totally looks like video games - 8209366016
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Fashion: Walk, Turn, Swim

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