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Stay Classy, Montana FAIL

cars classy confusing double entendre inappropriate rocks sticker truck - 5435002368
By johnclayton
confusing Video traffic - 47719425

These Traffic Lights Will Confound You

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Must Be A Really Big Department Store FAIL

China confusing geography signs wtf - 5437053696

Denying Your Heritage FAIL

confusing signs wtf - 5408499456
By Unknown

Symptoms Include FAIL

confusing Death medicine wtf - 5434016768
By Unknown

The Parking Sign at a California School is Determined to Reach the Heavens

sign confusing what parking fail nation g rated - 8299004672
Via Boing Boing

It's the Right Thing to Do

confusing funny what sign fail nation g rated - 7913089536
By Unknown

Nice Try, Shredder FAIL

confusing signs tax dollars at work TMNT - 5410977792
By Unknown

Premature Teleportation FAIL

confusing directions wtf - 5413583104

It Seems We Are at an Impasse

sign confusing - 8293104384
Via MunkyPants

Clearing Up Confusion FAIL

confusing FAIL Gifts For Your Friends on The Naughty List Professional At Work signs - 5528333824
By sydney

The Easy Way In FAIL

confusing Hypocrisy signs typo - 5530309120
By pablojaime