car crash

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Driving is the type of thing like chewing gum and walking, you can do two things at the same time. Whether it’s putting on some make up or reading a book, the perfect time to do something else is when you’re driving.

Just ask this guy, who decided he needed to live stream his race down the freeway, so followers could get a glimpse at him mugging for the camera and see his car go real fast. What’s weird is that while he was doing those things, he crashed his car. Really bad.

via Latest Funny Stuff

This driver, a 20-year-old from Providence, RI, is now in critical condition, and you can see the whole thing right up to the crash on YouTube because he was streaming his collision course.

It’s not like people driving and looking at their phone endangers other drivers. It’s not like driving is an incredibly dangerous activity that no one seems to respect at all.

Wait, what am I saying? Please stop playing at your phones when you’re driving.