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Doorbell FAIL

broken - 6461982464
By Unknown

Made from A-Grade Materials Only

broken irony funny mug - 7668376576
By xyzpdq1

You Can Make it Little Car, We Believe in You!

sign cars broken - 8316982528
Via Lt3440
broken kids toys Video whoops - 35523585

Testing Your Bow FAIL

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We're on a Bus to Nowhere

sign whoops broken bus - 8436628992
Via Brown Cardigan
FAIL planes windows broken Video - 77215745

Need to Break All Your Government Building Windows? That's a Job For the Brazilian Air Force!

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Everything That Falls Gets Broken

Everything That Falls Gets Broken facebook status
Via bored

Time to Go FAIL

time repairs school Office broken clock - 6746811904
By Unknown

2 Girls, 1 Bathroom Ride

By Unknown
ouch FAIL compilation broken Video - 78434817

If It Ain't Broke, It Is Now

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repair faucet broken Video - 71247361

Maybe This Faucet Isn't Broken, but Just Thirsty?

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If Only Jewel Had Made This Album

Music broken irony - 8399723264
Via Acid Cow

Just One of Those Days FAIL

broken derp gifs hockey sports - 5496646144
By Unknown

Unfortunately, We're Open

drive thru broken fast food - 6926084864
Via Reddit


broken dogs door - 6511008768
By Unknown

Ceiling Decor FAIL

repairs school broken - 7094516736
By Unknown
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