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More of the Wackiest Commercials From Japan!

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Compilation of the Day: Check Out These Japanese Commercials

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This Video of Japanese Men Trying to Pronounce 'Massachusetts' Is All the Proof We Need That Japan Game Shows Are the Best

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Photo FAIL

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I Thought WTF Came From Japan?

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The Doritos Flavor Absolutely No One Asked for

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FAIL fire Japan safety Video - 74756097

That Moment When You Accidentally Set Your House On Fire During a Live Stream

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Not Sure FAIL

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Tumblr users put person in check after they complain about Japanese culture being misrepresented | madmints: takesabeating: cheshireinthemiddle: ginzers: spoopy-roxxi: ginzers: spoopy-roxxi: ginzers: Teach children this is not ok Teach children there's nothing wrong with this really not understanding why think cultural appropriation would be ok, unless are assuming girl picture is part Japanese.

Tumblr Thread: The Value Of Cultural Sharing

Called out.
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The Game is Simple: Don't Suck, and Get the Bug in Your Opponent's Mouth. WHAT?

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Japan Subway train Video fail nation g rated - 48453377

This Poor Guy Just Wanted to Get Off the Train

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Japan's New McDonald's Cup Design Is Hilariously NSFW (13 Images)

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Practice Safe Cooking With This Condom Recipe Book

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List of funny Donald Trump koi memes.

Trump Dumps Fish Food In Koi Pond, Becomes An Instant Meme

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