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If You Fart When No One is Around, Can it Still be an SBD?

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OP Wonders About the Poor and Gets Told. This is Why We CAN Have Nice Things.

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What it's Like to Use GChat

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Tweets About Marriage

26 Tweets About Marriage That Will Hit Too Close to Home For Some People Out There

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More Like, 'People You Probably Hate'

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The Magical Disappearing Butt-Scope

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Every Text Conversation Ever

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What Your Feed Probably Looks Like Right Now

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marriage tweets

22 Tweets That Perfectly Capture the Ups and Downs of Marriage

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"Message Seen" in a Nutshell

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There is Zero Chance This is Fake at All

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True Story, Bro.

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Know Any of These Types on Facebook?

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Internet Brings the Creative Fire With Latest Attempts at Describing That Upcoming Holiday Dinner In Three Words

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Jim Carrey Handles the Paparazzi Like a Champion

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The Best Parents Use Their Kids for Punchlines

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