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A Bus Creeper Started Eavesdropping on This Woman's Text Conversations, so She Got Back in the Best Way

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Sleep in the Bed You Make!

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Mom Only Reads Smut for the Articles

brokeback mountain pr0n sexy times texting mom - 8438115840
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Girl's Dad Texts Her While Having Meltdown Over Adorable Alpaca, and Everyone Loves Him Now

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We All Become That Pikachu

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Presenting "Jepsening," the New Way to Prank Call

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By Sydney

Nobody's Been Injured Messing With That Orifice, Right?

bad idea butt stuff texting - 8286834944
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Then the Grocery Store Just Becomes Depressing

marriage texting tweet dating grocery store - 8749933568
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You've Been a Naughty Piggy

kermit the frog instagram texting - 8213776896
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Oh Yeah, Look at Those Spray Settings...

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People share their worst texting fails.

35 Funny Texting FAILs Full of Cringe to Lighten Your Mood

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Can You Get Fined for a Wrong Number?

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Life is Like a Booty Call

that escalated quickly flirting booty call texting - 8168814080
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Curses! Foiled Again!

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Only Family Can Cut That Deep

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Way to Come on Strong, Chief

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