Every Stereotype About the Deep South in One Status Update

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Why Women Have Trouble Backing It Up

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If You're Looking for a Politically Correct Punchline, You're Going to Feel Gypped

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Pic of Canadian Flag with tweet about how 43% of Toronto residents have been boycotting Hamilton their entire lives - cover graphic for list of Tweets that perfectly reflect the stereotypes of being Canadian.

12 Funny Tweets That Perfectly Reflect Being Canadian

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Squeaky Clean Costume Ideas

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At Least I Had Crumpets

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School is Like a Boner

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The Gentlemen's Rant: Facebook

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Great, Now She's Gonna Marry a Car When She Grows Up

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Messin' With Kansas Stereotypes

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starter pack thread about welcome to the midwest which nails the stereotypes of the region

25 Midwestern Tweets That'll Make You Want To Down A Bottle Of Ranch

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Cliché Much?

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