The Many Stages of Alarm

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The Short Cord Struggle

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Your Own Snaps Just Pale in Comparison

clever phone Ryan Gosling snapchat - 8354322688
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How Can I Into Phone, Yes?

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By Unknown

Do You Plug it in for Her?

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The Machines Bite Back!

siri phone old people failbook - 8325511680
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They Say it Charges Faster This Way

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You're Not Making a Good Case, AT&T...

at&t phone instagram att - 6677606656
By bigjoe714

Great Scott!

glitch phone voicemail - 8250858496
By Eric B

That and the Rash, of Course

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It's a Miracle

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By Unknown

Pro Tip: That's Not How Music Happens

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It's Just a Text Saying "I Love You"

phone relationships dating - 8392230912
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Hang on, Take it One More Time From the Top

lost and found facepalm phone failbook g rated - 8419534080
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Never Lie to Tech Support

phone pr0n stolen - 6277611520
By Unknown

Leave No Phone Behind!

charger phone puns Arnold Schwarzenegger failbook g rated - 8285048064
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