Leave Room for Bronze!

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Ryan Lochte's Deeply Profound Tweeting

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usain bolt girlfriends

A Picture of Usain Bolt Making Out With a Random in Rio Has Terrified the Internet

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Hi, Mom!

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The Hits Just Keep Coming With #SochiProblems

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Wait You Guys, What Happened BEFORE 2,012 Years Ago?

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Mexico's Outfits for the 2014 Sochi Olympics Are Totally Insane

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Update: Ryan Lochte Instagrams an Apology About His Rio Robbery Fairy Tale After the Internet Roasts Him

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Canadian Olympians Are Taking Casual Selfies With One of the Most Powerful Men in the World. No Big Deal.

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Her Medal Would Make the Perfect Horcrux

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Bob Costas Will Be Replaced By Matt Lauer After Eye Infection Spreads

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Ellen DeGeneres photoshopped into riding Usain Bolt's back

People Are Calling Ellen DeGeneres a Racist for Her Tweet About Usain Bolt

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Major Typo

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A Missed Opportunity

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