Probably the Perfect Way to Come Out

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Activist Janet Mock Gets Disrespected on Piers Morgan's Show and Responds Deliciously

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The Status Quo Can't Even Handle My Outfit Right Now

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Oh My of the Day: George Takei Has Perfect Response For Facebook Troll

Oh My of the Day: George Takei Has Perfect Response For Facebook Troll
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Remove Stick, Apply Ointment

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They Spit, but They're the Best Companions a Girl Could Ask for

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Tweet of the Day: J.K. Rowling’s Perfect Response to a Question About Dumbledore’s Sexuality

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Conservative Texan Dan Patrick Accidentally Endorses Gay Marriage in a Twitter Typo, Fans of Irony Everywhere Cackle Delightfully

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You Can Pick Your Friends...

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Homophobe Logic

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It's My Dinner or No Dinner!

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"I Don't Disagree, I Just Don't Want My Child to See it" -Someone Who Actually Disagrees With it

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Burn Accomplished. Pack it Up, Boys.

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Fast and Fabulous

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If Any Part of This Argument Makes Sense to You, Get Your Head Checked

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Wrong Bears!

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