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Gee Willickers, You're Welcome!

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Via Brown Cardigan

A Tale of Sun-Scorched Nethers

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By Unknown

We Can't Go Back Home, Not After This

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Via Brown Cardigan

The Flow is too Strong

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By kcfish
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The Real Way to Guarantee Hits on Youtube

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We Keep Talking About Fish, but All I Can Taste is My Own Bile

lady bits Oversharing TMI - 8152390144
By Caramelime

This is Genius and I'll Take a Dozen of Them

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Via tpolisher

Does This Smell Funny to You?

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By StankCrotch

Who Doesn't Like a Little Risque Facebook Content?

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By Unknown

These Are the Pressing Issues of the Day

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Via Brown Cardigan


jokes lady bits this is why you are single - 3734999040
By Unknown

How Hard is it to Tip in Rupees?

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By hmoney


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Via AlexisDerikSmit


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By Unknown

Ask Facebook and Ye Shall Receive

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By Scorptrio

Acoustics and Anatomy

Via Rowdy_Batchelor
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