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Close Up Shop, Captions Aren't Going to Get Better

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Created by mtndewmaniac

Two Great Reasons to Like a Post

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That's Just Hard Science, Ladies

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Just a Little Off the Top, Thanks

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Created by Kimberley

Gee Willickers, You're Welcome!

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Ask Facebook and Ye Shall Receive

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We Keep Talking About Fish, but All I Can Taste is My Own Bile

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In Grandpa's Day They Would Last Him a Whole Year

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This is Genius and I'll Take a Dozen of Them

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We Just Need Teen Toilet Training!

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Created by toxic_sparks

Huge, Vast... Books

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Created by Kevin

There's Always One...

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Somebody Needs to Give This Guy Some Directions

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Thanks for the Related Links, Facebook

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Created by Unknown

Might We Suggest the Melons?

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Created by nuclearbastard

Men Are Really Looking for That Special Skinless Woman in Their Lives

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Created by Naomi
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