Jesus is a figure in ancient history that is the focal point of one of the largest religions in the world. So it's natural tat any number of jokes and memes come out of a being so famous and well-known. From RaptorJesus to classic memes, there's something for everyone for the father of Christianity.

Matt: Not the Hero Denny's Deserves

jesus dennys - 6652668160
By Unknown

And I Thought Getting Nailed to a Cross by Your HANDS Was Bad Enough ...

faith jesus religion typo - 6313801216
By Unknown

Yo Luke, I Need a Good Rapper Name! Any Ideas?

jesus jesus christ - 6568008960
By Unknown

Copypasta Comeback

jesus oh snap tuition water wine witty reply - 4745013248
By KittyKatKate

Pray for Jesus

jesus gets in trouble at school again
Via thefunnybeaver

He Probably Pays Better Child Support

jesus moms what pregnant - 8429107200
By Unknown

Jesus Had No Flow

hip hop jesus rap rappers the bible failbook - 7913455872
By Unknown

GOPTeens Better Be Ready For 16 & Pregnant, Because That Reply Nailed It

GOPTeens Better Be Ready For 16 & Pregnant, Because That Reply Nailed It
Via ouijac*nt

"Father, Why Have They Forsaken M- Oh Hellloooo There"

jesus fap design tattoos - 8380951040
Via Duck_Seazon

How to Celebrate Your 34th

achievement unlocked jesus xbox live - 8244583424
By Richie_Rands

Too Soon?

jesus religion too soon - 6048549888
By Unknown

A Slight Clarification

jesus god christianity - 7600709888
By JBarco

No One's Worse Than Stan!

god heaven hell jesus santans satan - 6601807104
By Unknown

The Church of Full House

jesus easter - 7194162432

Well, Hurry Up Then!

jesus likes facebook failbook g rated - 8110704896
By Unknown

He's Always Watching Over You, After All

facebook jesus easter failbook g rated - 8134379264
Via twelfthmillion
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