donald trump chrome extention Make America Great Again by Replacing All Donald Trump References on the Internet With Voldemort Using This Handy Chrome Extension
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Erase some of the hate on the internet with the browser extension Trump2Voldemort. All mention of Trump is replaced with references to Voldemort, the evil antagonist of the Harry Potter series. 

Not surprisingly, most of Trump's statments seem to make more sense when attributed to one of Voldemort's many names. 

image wtf statue Drama Plagues a Small Town as They Argue Over This Seagull With Boobs
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This weird seagull statue (or would you call it a boobie?) resides in New Bedford, MA and the question of whether to keep the statue is pitting the town residents against each other.  

There is one petition by a Raymond C. to remove the statue and a competing petition for Raymond to remove his petition. 

While the original petition argues the statue makes the town look silly, the competing petition says it's as much a part of the town as any other art:

"New Bedford is so full of art and out of the ordinary things it would be silly to remove this glorious statue." .... "This man is just clearly uncomfortable by the female form and hates the art."

via thepetitionsite

An update to the statue removal petition clarified itself after that backlash with, "I never said it wasn't art, but it is bad art." 

The creator of this statue, Donna Dodson, has done many others, like this panda. 

via donnadodsonartist

The so-called "Seagull Cinderella" as she titled the New Bedford piece was installed in 2012.