If it Has a Headline, it Must be Cool!

ferguson fake hoax barack obama - 8391381760
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Just Look at What Contrast Does for Your Skin!

hoax scam failbook - 8327473920
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Just Remember to Wear Your Crystals While You Do This!

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Oh Right, Almost Forgot About the Whole Satan Thing

vaccines conspiracy facepalm hoax failbook - 8208911360
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He's Got All That Apple Money, Right?

facepalm hoax Bill Gates failbook - 8069301504
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Finger-Licking Fingers

nope hoax kfc food meat - 8080613632
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People Will Believe Anything With a Convincing URL

fake ebola hoax zombie failbook g rated - 8336343296
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It's Like Darwinisms for Smart Phones!

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