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Switching Teams

apple computers gay mac Tech technology - 6157174272
By Unknown

Social Support of the Day: Emma Watson Reaches Out to England's First Openly Gay Rugby Player in Fantastic Fashion

Emma Watson tweeted at Rugby player Keegan Hirst and it was beautiful.
Via EmWatson

What Justin Gets for Being a Smart-Ass

ads gay lesbian women - 5200088576
By Unknown

Football vs. Musical Theater

failbook football gay g rated oh snap theater win - 5838315776
By Unknown

Maybe You're Just Not Attracted to the Girls From Sororities

au natural gay homosexual sorority - 6233675264
By Unknown

Bible Knowledge FAIL

bible faith gay gay marriage homosexuality North Carolina religion - 6208317952
By jwissick

Not Fake and Gay

gay Movie movies pr0n - 6500009216
By Envinite

The Collage World Series

baseball gay lol spelling World Series - 4886157056
By Seabass631

The Hunger Gays

failbook gay homosexual - 6255452672

Board: A Stiff Length of Wood

board bored gay homosexual - 6421012736
By Unknown


Death gay ouch power rangers - 3961893376
By MtW

Non-partisan Pwning

dad gay oh snap parents witty reply - 5420148992
By Bookworm

Just Friends

bro feelings gay homosexual no homo - 6188018944
Via Reddit

The Innocence of Children

god facebook gay uncle - 6890845952
By Unknown

Was it Rainbow Colored?

gay make your own fail spelling - 4602391552
By Berta

Why Can't More Parents Be as Accepting?

animals cat Cats gay homosexual - 6319444480
By MegHodo
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