Happy and gay all day long. Love yourself and enjoy all the upbeat humor you can handle.

Gonna Be Lame? Grab a Snickers

gay lame movies the notebook - 6418121216
Created by BBreezy

George Takei Wins the Greatest Life Award

failbook gay george takei star wars - 6356184320
Created by Unknown

Blowing in the Wind

gay oh snap - 5741158912
Created by JL

Secret's Out

ads gay Overshare - 5806608640
Created by CryingWithLaughter

The Hunger Gays

failbook gay homosexual - 6255452672


Death gay ouch power rangers - 3961893376
Created by MtW

Not Fake and Gay

gay Movie movies pr0n - 6500009216
Created by Envinite

A Single Perfect Tear Is Rolling Down My Cheek

gay hacked homosexual - 6429431040
Created by Unknown

Bible Knowledge FAIL

bible faith gay gay marriage homosexuality North Carolina religion - 6208317952
Created by jwissick

Gotta Love a Man in Uniform

facebook failbook gay g rated matt damon win - 5658471680
Via justwonderingbro

When It No Longer Matters If Tails From "Sonic" Is Gay or Not

sonic the hedgehog failbook facebook gay sonic - 8805703168
Via Tails from "Sonic" is NOT gay!

Skeletons "In the Closet"

gay oh snap - 5099913472
Created by Highschool-arious


chat Classic Fail gay jokes oh snap - 3412906752
Created by Unknown

I Would Think So...

gay iseewhatyoudidthere oh snap pr0n witty reply - 5285448960
Created by Unknown

Going Downtown

gay oh snap your friends are laughing at you - 5027639552
Created by pridetotheunicorns

It's Still the Closet, But They Come Out in Twos and Threes

coming out gay midgets - 6247920640
Created by Unknown
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