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One of These Two People Is Not a Romantic

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In Which Chick-Fil-A May Have Pretended to Be a Teenaged Girl on Facebook

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Maybe You're Just Not Attracted to the Girls From Sororities

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Social Support of the Day: Emma Watson Reaches Out to England's First Openly Gay Rugby Player in Fantastic Fashion

Emma Watson tweeted at Rugby player Keegan Hirst and it was beautiful.
Via EmWatson

Only Come Out of the Closet When You're Ready

fabulous gay homosexual - 6327738368

Secret's Out

ads gay Overshare - 5806608640
Created by CryingWithLaughter

When It No Longer Matters If Tails From "Sonic" Is Gay or Not

sonic the hedgehog failbook facebook gay sonic - 8805703168
Via Tails from "Sonic" is NOT gay!

A Single Perfect Tear Is Rolling Down My Cheek

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What Justin Gets for Being a Smart-Ass

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"Straight" Into the Friendzone

friendzone gay straight - 6704861696

Guys and Girls CAN Be "Just Friends!"

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This ANALogy is WeakSauce, Bro

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Created by PadawanBritt

Gotta Love a Man in Uniform

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Via justwonderingbro

Coming Out to Dad

beyoncé coming out dad gay parents - 4696797952
Created by nfmadprops04
donald trump sends people to ask the gays

Trump's "Ask the Gays" Remark on Wednesday Incited All the Rage on Twitter

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Also the Reason Why I Got a Sex Change

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