Classic: Not a Playa

classic dad frape oh snap parents - 5622486016
By badphish

The Mother of All Frapes

frape nice try parents - 4644368128
By The.Spencer

The Doctor is Everywhere

doctor who frape profile pic - 5778541056
By Skruluce

Walking In To Something Bad

fml frape masturbation Overshare TMI - 4953229312
By Unknown

Good Work, Mom.

family frape oh snap - 4628553984
By goatlover

A Skilled Frapist Never Misses an Opportunity

frape hey baby poke smooth - 4926004992
By Unknown

Caught Cheatin'

busted Featured Fail frape oh snap relationship status - 5182313216
By xCMx

Basic Understanding of Facebook FAIL

clueless facepalm frape mom parents technology - 5368187136

So That's a "No?"

frape spelling your friends are laughing at you - 5233926144
By Steven Shayegh

The Student Has Become the Teacher

frape oh snap students teacher - 4518507008
By Unknown

<strike>Hacked!</strike> Whipped!

facepalm frape not what it looks like - 5173686272
By _Failbooker_

How Offensive!

frape oh snap parents - 4438068736
By Unknown

Vintage Frape

frape quotes school yearbook - 5064898560
By Unknown

Salt in the Wound

frape oh snap your mom - 5763518464
By Cameron

Keith's Friends Are Jerks

frape witty reply your friends are laughing at you - 4601994496
By Unknown

Two Burns with One Stone

facepalm frape oops - 4472861440
By Unknown
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